Your customized spraying execution plan across thousands of acres. 

DriftSense is a technology platform for optimizing spraying execution. 

Leveraging multidisciplinary scientific expertise, our platform provides growers with their ultimate cost-effective spraying execution plan, to apply their choices of agro-inputs, with their preferred gear, plot-by-plot, across thousands of acres.

We do the science so growers can simply execute their best spraying execution plan for optimal results and maximum cost effectiveness at scale.

We’re all paying the price of imprecise spraying. 

Agro-inputs are necessary for the successful growth of the crops upon which we all depend for our nourishment. But when their application is conducted through an approximated process, the results are poor and the implications are grave. 

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annual US damage to growers, agriculture, humans & environment

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increase in regulation/ compliance costs in US over 12 years

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increase in amount of herbicides used during last 15 years due to efficacy decline

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increase in herbicide cost during last two years

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of sprayed pesticides don’t reach their target

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tedious years in average from discovery to market, for new pesticides

Imprecise spraying leads to:


Similarly to antibiotics, overexposure has led many pests to build up resistance to commonly used pesticides, in a vicious cycle that leads to the use of more and stronger substances. 


Many crops suffer from increased exposure to massive quantities of chemicals, rendering them vulnerable and less likely to thrive and provide optimal yields.


When inputs do not end up where they were meant to go, the damage is twofold: target crops receive too much or too little, and neighboring areas receive inadvertent damaging substances.

High concentration

Exposure to large quantities of pesticides reduces the quality of produce and disqualifies it from being export-appropriate.

Beyond the macro health and food security implications for us all, this severe reality threatens the businesses of growers and the companies who serve them, in an industry notorious for its volatility even in the best of times.

Growers struggle with the immense burden of the skyrocketing costs of inputs – a full 3X increase over the 20 past years. And as regulation spreads across regions, in many areas growers are also going to become increasingly more subject to the challenges of meeting regulatory requirements.

Growers’ service providers such as Pest Control Advisors (PCAs) and AgChem companies operate in a competitive market in which input performance failure can lead to client turnover, reputational damage and regulatory liability.

We’d all benefit greatly from much more precise application of agro-inputs such that the intended substances go directly where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

How can they do so within their reality of juggling the immense task of managing thousands of differential acres, substances and means of dispersion, not to mention differing conditions?

How can growers obtain such precision?

Your customized spraying execution plan across thousands of acres. 

Leveraging multidisciplinary scientific expertise, our platform provides growers with their ultimate cost-effective spraying execution plan, to apply their choices of agro-inputs, with their preferred gear, plot-by-plot across thousands of acres.

This software-only solution leverages advanced data science to calculate the full range of factors impacting spray results, distilling a wealth of variables into one cost effective spraying execution plan. Discovering the ultimate plan for spray execution across growers’ entire acreage is a game changer for yield and cost-effectiveness, as well as environment protection.

Apply pesticides at the ultimate moment.
We’ve done all the math, all you have to do is click.

Rapid ROI


Purely software

Spray smart, not hard – try DriftSense today!

DriftSense offers the first agro-input-driven strategy, leveraging advanced data science to calculate the comprehensive range of factors impacting spray results:

Input: A wealth of variables

DriftSense’s platform analyzes not only all relevant meteorology, but also the chemical properties and regulatory data pertaining to the grower’s choice of agro-inputs, as well as their specific spraying gear with its implications for dispersion.

Analysis: Proprietary Algorithms in Service of Growers

This robust, complex range of variables all impacting where the spray will actually land, is fed into proprietary state-of-the-art algorithms, which calculate their cumulative and inter-dependent influences.

Output: Each grower’s customized spraying execution plan. Built for scale.

This deep science is conducted behind the scenes, so growers receive a simple, user-friendly interface helping them simplify one of their most strategic decisions – how to execute their spraying plan across their thousands of acres– for exceptionally better results.

Spray Factors Calculated


Chemical Properties

Pesticide & Geo Specific Regulatory Data

Spraying Gear

DriftSense’s B2B SaaS offers per acre/crop/year plans, increasing the bottom line, reducing cost of doing business and goods, uniquely customized to clients’ needs.

Unique Advantages



DriftSense holds the potential to an immense impact on growers’ profitability and environmental safety, benefitting us all


in comparison to hardware solutions


validation hours of spraying applications in 11 countries across U.S., LatAm, and EU


more coverage


less drift


A software only (SaaS) scalable solution, no-brainer implementation

DriftSense’s platform has been validated via 15 case studies and with +350 US stakeholders across industry, government, academia and community and is conducting strategic partnerships with the world`s leading agrochemical companies, and agribusinesses.

With the support of multiple Israel Innovation Authority grants, backed by leading VCs, DriftSense’s platform has been tested by independent experts with commercial pilots in the US, LatAm, and EU, demonstrating significantly higher precision: more coverage, less drift.

Meet the team

Elad Segal


Materials science, environmental-hazard sensors, chemo-optics, and surface chemistry

Ran Shauli


Regulation. Former scientific advisor, Israeli Plant Protection Services

Pavel Kunin


Environmental modeling, numerical weather prediction, in-situ remote-sensing observations

Advisory Board

Prof. Douglas Doohan


John Fentis, Esq.

Env. Regulations

Prof. Dorita Edelstein

Atm. Science

Mr. Ariel Sella

Venture Advisor

Spray smart, not hard – try DriftSense today!

Spray smart, not hard – try DriftSense today!